a reliable and anonymous multi-cryptocurrency mixer

Posted by Gilberton August 7, 2018

bitcoin-currency is a top choice when looking for the mixer that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Another great feature is that this advanced tool provides support in different languages to make your bitcoin mixing experience both secure and convenient.

The best mixer for multiple cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency mixers serve an important purpose of breaking links between coin receivers and senders, thus making all virtual transactions anonymous. The main idea of their use is to provide coin senders with complete privacy because cryptocurrency transactions are recorded by the block-chain registry. Anonymity is guaranteed by mixing bitcoins because this procedure prevents tracking of important data, such as where coins are sent, stored, or received.

How BestMixer achieves this goal is a deepdotweb bitcoin mixer that takes the coins of senders and shuffles them in its secure pools. When this process is complete, this service sends users back their random coins from other depositors. Tracing becomes impossible because of the different origins of bitcoins. In other words, connections between new and old wallet addresses are broken.


The best features

  • io takes things further by guaranteeing 100% anonymity, unlike many other bitcoin mixers;
  • Tumbling a variety of popular and new cryptocurrencies;
  • Its servers are located in credible data centers to get complete protection from any negative impact;
  • This platform is Tor-friendly and SLL-certified.

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