Why buying used car is better for you?

Posted by Gilberton September 26, 2018

When you push a car from the showroom, it loses about 20 percent of its value straight away – that goes to say that buying a car is never going to be an investment. But if you buy a second hand car, you will find a reasonable motor at a cost which will not depreciate as fast as that of a brand new car – so buying a second hand car can end up being a much cheaper buy than buying new. But we lead to think that the world of second hand car sales is awash with the entire car salesman, ready to pounce on unsuspecting clients gets the most out of their ignorance of mechanisms. There are three areas to buy a second hand car: by a second hand car dealership, a seller, or an auction.

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Buying From a respectable second hand car dealership may be the safest method of buying a second hand automobile, particularly in case you do not have knowledge of cars. Dealerships test cars for safety and mechanical soundness and offer some type of guarantee. However, the down side of buying from a dealership is they are inclined to be a bit pricier than buying privately – although they are often open to discussion on price. It is likely to pick up some deals onĀ cars for sale in Pretoria at auctions. But buying from a car auction generally does not allow you much time to inspect or test drive a car – so caution must be taken; even more so when buying from online auction sites where you just have a photo and a brief description to continue.

Private car sellers are available in local newspapers, notice boards and through online second hand car classifieds. There is not any shortage of private car sellers and this is the most common means of buying a second hand car. Upon locating a car of interest, a buyer can contact a seller via telephone or email to arrange a review and make an offer. Before buying any second hand car, check the market value. There are available that record makes and models for just about all cars and provide an approximate value with regard. It’s rare to discover a car over 5 years old that’s completely free, but be certain that any rust is cosmetic, as opposed to structural. Then examine the condition of the motor since this provides clues and check the colour of the oil and coolant. Also check the mileage, and ask to see the car’s log book and check on the amount of taxation and M.O.T. left on the car.

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